Bar Karaoke

Bar Karaoke is best suited for an open bar area.

Room Karaoke

Room Karoke is for Karaoke businesses with private rooms. Each machine can either have the songs individually, or read them from a server.


With POS, each room karaoke can be controlled from a counter, making things easier for employee, on top of the regular POS functionalities such as order control and empolyee management.

Line Manager

At a bar, line manager is operated by a employee, to control the songs customers are singing.

Tablet Controller

Remote controller with added capability. It can search for songs and interact with player directly to better help customers for their better expierence.

Karaoke Player

Sing Sing Karaoke Player includes more than 100,000 songs nationwide. With its versatility, it can serve for three different modes, integrative with the POS, the tablet controller and the line manager.